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Thursday, February 4, 2010

...on the Grandfathering in of Vagina Access Rights (02/04/2010) <---Original Prudie Letters Can Be Found There

Hey hidey ho, Shippers! How in the hell are ya on this fine, fine Prudie Day? Me? Well, thanks for asking! All here is okay, I suppose. You know, I’ve come to realize that things can always get worse, so, in the end, I reckon that all’s going along swimmingly. I mean, I could bemoan the obvious imminent discontinuation of The Fray, but, what good would that do? Life goes on, right? We adapt or we are left behind. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at some failures to adapt...

LW#1: Dear Prudence, I Madame, am the paragon of all that is good and moral and upstanding in the human race. My brother, on the other hand, is a whore-bedding, brother-badgering, haughty bastard. As a youngster, I watched him lay a procession of nasty, filthy, used women. And the more and more I tried to bed them, too, and was rebuffed, the more that they, and he, disgusted me. Because I’m such an upstanding and perfect person, though, I married a girl whom I knew to be perfect as well. We’ve had three children and live a happy life together. Until recently. During the second of my twice-daily sermons to her on how wonderful I am, I was badgering her like a mule on crack cocaine and she finally admitted to me that she’d once had a one-night fling with my brother! This was years before she and I met, Prudence, but I see it as the ultimate betrayal of my trust in her and I am considering divorce. What should I do? Dear Fuckburger McShittyprick, I could go on and on about how you were not grandfathered in on the property and access rights of your wife’s vagina, and that you do not get any say, whatsoever, regarding who or what was in there before you even met her, but, that speech would fall on deaf ears, wouldn’t it? Plus, since you’re so obviously the natural evolution of last week’s abusive boyfriend, I’d just be repeating myself anyway. So, as to my advice to you: you should divorce her. Right now. On the spot. Please! I beg this of you! But not for your sake, you ignorant bag of shit, but for your wife’s and children’s sake. Perhaps they can live together in harmony and peace, maybe even with someone who understands and respects them, maybe not. But either way, they will be free of your cancerous influence. And frankly, that’s enough for me.

LW#2: Dear Prudie, I have been a very, very bad girl. A long time ago, when I was first dating my now-husband, I got way drunk and made out (heavily) with a coworker. When I sobered up and realized what I’d done (because, of course, being drunk, I had no control over my actions whatsoever, tee-hee), I quit my job so that I wouldn’t have to be around this man/temptation ever again. As I say, my then-boyfriend and I have since married and have been so for several years. I feel terribly guilty about what happened and want to tell him. What should I do? You, my dear, have been spending way too much time around people like LW#1 (and his predecessor from last week) and your self esteem has been damaged to a point of needing counseling. Serious counseling. No, it’s not something you can fix by watching Dr. Phil on Oprah, or by writing in to the Internet Lady. You’ve got some tough work ahead of you and need to find your self-worth. It’s in there, deep, deep down. And, while you’re at it, have the therapist work with you on taking responsibility for your actions. Yeah, you know what I mean by that, chicky-doodle, so don’t act all hurt. What? Oh, you were asking about if you should tell your husband? Fuck, fuckity, fucking, fuck no! That’s N.O. Clear enough for you? Now, get thee to a counselor!

LW#3: Dear Prudie, my husband had a stroke about 18 months back. Since then, all through recovery and through the realization that he’s not going to get back to being exactly who he was physically, he’s been a major downer. I mean, all he talks about is what he’s lost, how bad off he is, what a bummer of a situation his life is, etc. And Prudie, I think he should be grateful! I mean, he didn’t die, afterall. Through physical therapy, he’s gotten back most of his mobility and speech, and, other than being unable to perform his profession any more (which means that I have to now bring home the bacon, and, fry it up in a pan), he’s physically okay. I can’t stand coming home to his whining and complaining any more, though, Prudie! I’ve tried to get him to counseling, and his physician put him on anti-depressants, but nothing is working. He’s still a poop. What can I do? Listen, I’m going to go easy on you, which is against my nature and meme, because this is a tough situation and even though your husband is the one who had the stroke, it’s affected both of you. A lot. What I suggest is that you try to really analyze what you’re feeling and why. And be honest with yourself. That's allowed.  I only have your letter to go on, so I’m going to assume it’s just your husband’s post-stroke nasty temperament and that otherwise you’re happy (but, just between us, I’d work on the bitterness you’re feeling about having to support his ungrateful ass, too). If that’s true, though, if you are otherwise happy, I advise you to find a support group for caregivers, and, too, to allow yourself to get up and leave when you can’t take it anymore. You need hobbies, too! You need something to clear your head every once in awhile. All work and no play makes Jacqueline a dull girl! So, when hubby starts with his whining and moaning, listen if you can. Be supportive if you can. And, when you can’t take it anymore, tell him, “Sorry dude, be back in a bit!” And go to the gym. Or to the movies. Or out riding your motorcycle! When you get back, you’ll be recharged, even if he’s still wallowing in his self pity. And hopefully maybe you can both come out of this one day. But don’t lose yourself in his stroke, too, while you wait on him to emerge, okay? Good luck.

LW#4: Dear Prudie, my husband is an auto mechanic and works at a repair shop that’s part of a chain of shops. The manager at my husband’s branch is very religious and believes in giving time, labor and parts to those in need. The problem is that in doing this, he docks the hours of all of the workers. Sometimes my husband puts in a full day’s worth of work, but only gets credit for (and paid for) two hours. The District Manager doesn’t know this is going on, and he really likes my husband. Should my husband tell the DM what’s up? He’s scared that if he does, his manager might get fired. Okay, as Schuyler the Cat might say, “Here, in this hand, is a big, huge fucking hammer with spikes and rusty saw blades poking out in all directions, and here, in the other hand, is a soft, downy feather held between my fingers by a silken kerchief. You choose one of the two for me to poke into your eyeball.” You’re fucking kidding, right? Listen, no one is going to watch out for your husband’s career except your husband. And the boss’ altruism aside, that fucker is a lunatic on a rope and your husband is enabling him. If I work eight hours somewhere? Someone’s damned sure paying my crusty ass eight fucking hours worth of money or there’s going to be trouble. See, I value my time. But hey, if your husband thinks it’s okay to get 25% credit for his work, then more power to him. Tell you what, I want you to start spending 75% of your time over at my house, taking care of me, okay? When your husband asks why, say, “Oh, don’t worry, Hon. I’m still giving you 25% of my time. I just figured 75% of my time is free, so I’m going to spend that portion with a real man.” See if he gets the point. My guess is that he will.


Well, shippers, that’s it. If you have a chance, or know any Fraysters who are feeling put out by what’s happening over there on Slate regarding what appears to be the imminent demise of The Fray, aim there here to “The Fly”. I hate that our community there is probably short for this world, but, hey, it brought us together, right? And that’s worth at least some nice ice cream and two spoons, yeah? So spread the word, shippers! And, as always, fair winds and following seas to ya! ‘Til next week!


  1. Way to shift gears for LW3!
    Also, excellent advice all the way around!
    I'm not in any way surprised by this, of course, but wanted to let you know that you are, as usual, right on target, as far as I'm concerned! =-)

  2. Ahoy there Captain Smag!

    Such sound advice you are dishing out, paticularly about the attempt at grandfathering vagina rights by no less than by that infamous Fuckburger McShittyprick!

    Oh captain my captain! You sure outdid yourself in creativity this week. Could it be thanks to that amazing food you get on the submarine?

  3. Hi Smag!
    As to LW #2, I have never understood people who feel that they MUST confess to cheating...what is that going to do except hurt the other person? If you truly respected and cared about the other person you wouldn't cheat in the first place. Unless there's something you and your spouse need to hash out in therapy that caused the cheating why this compulsive need to run your mouth? Oh, that's're a selfish attention-whoring asshole. That's the reason you cheated in the first place and by telling your spouse about it you get even more attention- all this great new drama with you in the center!! hey, and if he forgives you, well then you won't feel so bad about going out and doing it again!! yay! the fact that this LW never even slept with the guy and wasn't seriosuly involved with her current hubby makes me think she's just a fruit loop though.
    As to LW #4, this just makes no sense. Either your husband has no balls, or he is spending the money he makes on someone else, or spending all day doing someone else and only going in to work for a couple of hours...and you are dumb enough to believe his whacko story.
    enjoyed your take as always Smag! ciao.

  4. There is just no SUBstitute for you or your take on things! Your advice is always spot-on. Quick! Get a patent for "Fuckburger McShittyprick" so you can get paid every time someone uses it!!!!!!

  5. I have been reading the Fray (R.I.P. in the near future - agree with you there!) and your viewpoint as a male is in the minority for LW 1. No point - just find that interesting. I can understand why she didn't disclose the previous hide-the-salami session with him - I bet his aura just exudes "I have major sibling rival issues" - maybe she thought it would never come up? Idiot, who actually thinks that sleeping dog will lay forever?

  6. LOL Vagina access rights!

    Greeting's Smaggie the Traveler! Once again the Prudie writers need a solid pounding for...wait for it, wait for it....Major Stupidity!
    But prior to sharing for the awaited with abated breath opines of mine I must say WHA'TTTTT The Fray is dying, what will happen to the everlasting, ever censoring Jeremy? I knew when they would not let me join due to some strange http issue that they would pay! (once again due to my highly valued opinions). I'm sure Jeremy shall find employment at some slaughter house just in time to make employee of the month! Buh Bye Jeremy!

    A'hhh Smagie, once again another letter writer has had another stupid moment in time. LW1 is afflicted with the Sarah Syndrome, meaning she is dumber than a rock. Once again people, when you have your most stupid moment in time, those pesky moments you relive and kick your own ass over and over and over again for years...this is your first clue that this information is not something you share, with anyone, well, maybe your dog but that's risky with snoops listening in the shrubbery too. Sharing your most stupid moment in time means you are up for a beating from up to several people who now are jumping on your bandwagon of useless information. You might want to ask yourself next time you wish to share your blunders in life...what purpose will this serve or will telling serve me well over time. OK for those who have just been swatted with that rolled up newspaper (I forget who has that newspaper) the answer is NO, telling will not serve you well no matter how much time passes!

    LW1 has just asked for a divorce. The issue her husband has WAS mostly with his brother. He deemed long ago that anyone who slept with his brother was a huge fool, beyond stupid and women he identified as never wanting in his life. I don't believe has a lower opinion of anyone, serial killers would be rated above the women his brother took to bed. He finally thinks he has someone of his very own and no, she rocks his world during a fight and now he feels the fool. Not good.

    LW2 Hey, you want a divorce tell every detail and get out those measurements! Sheesh. Moron's abound.

    LW3 Sad, so very sad. I think most of us want to feel that our feelings are valid. Knowing this I'd have to say it out loud to him. This sucks! Nothing yet has sucked as bad. You are a new person since this stroke and that is a fact we cannot avoid, but I love this new person deeply and I understand that with hard work when you are ready, more of your memory will come back.

    LW4...Simple rules for simple people. No one works for free at a paid job. Paid job is the clue. When you leave your employer they don't know you are gone once the cake is eaten. There is no loyalty that flows both ways...thinking so is more of the Sarah Syndrome.

    I must say a fond farewell for the day and on my way out...I want to tease you with this information. It is 57 degrees at this time in Southern Oregon...OMG! Brilliant Blue Skies them!

    Happy trails Smaggie...until we meet again...

  7. LW1 is probably a shitty person, but I don't think that's really his problem: his real issue is with his brother, not his wife. Brothers can get so weirdly competitive, and I'd be willing to bet this guy has always felt like he's permanently in second place. He now sees his wife as his brother's sloppy seconds, and can't get past that.

  8. Hey Libby! And thank you for stopping by and reading. And for the compliment. I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em! :-)

    Hey there kati! Thank you for stopping by, too! :-) Yepper, that infamous Fuckburger McShittyprick is a crafty SOB, ain't he? As for the food on the submarine, well, you've read my non-fiction at "SmagBoy's Dock", and you know better. ;-) Thank you for the compliments, though!

  9. JayJay, you nailed two LWs, with one post! I agree on LW#2. I have no clue what she's up to and I definitely agree on admitting to cheating in those circumstances. It makes no sense, AT ALL! As for LW#4, I would high five you if I could! I was thinking the same thing, and wanted to get that in there, too, but, I had other things that I wanted to write and it was just getting long and unwieldy, so, I gave up that arc. Thank you for adding it in to the discussion! :-)

  10. Anonymous #1, welcome! I hope that you'll come back often. :-) As for patenting Fuckburger McShittyprick, I'd rather allow him to roam free across the Internet landscape. It's good karma. ;-) Thank you for stopping by!

    Anonymous #2, welcome! I'm not sure about LW#1's wife and why she didn't disclose it. Several posters have suggested that since the LW hates his brother so much, he (the LW) doesn't spend time around him (the bro). Thus, the wife may not have even met (and thus never realized) the brother's presence until it was too late? I don't know, but, regardless, I think the LW's concerns are on the verge insanely inappropriate and in need of intervention. But, like I said, I really do hope he (or she) leaves. No one needs to live with that kind of bull shit.

  11. Greetings Debbie! It's wonderful to see you here in the lagoon once again. :-)

    I like your rules. And they're right on. Just keep it simple, folks. :-) And yes, you did tease me with that weather. But, maybe, just maybe, this weekend will bring with it some pleasant weather here. Who knows? Have a great weekend, though, Deb.

  12. Greetings Kam, and welcome to the lagoon! I agree with you. Sadly, though, that's his own issue and nothing that his wife or brother can do anything about. So, we're left with a situation where the guy either decides to move past this (without beating his wife up about it), or leaves the relationship based on his own insecurities. But, no matter what he chooses, he has to realize that this whole situation is of his own creation. He's the one who's got the issue and he's the one that has to deal with it.

  13. P.S. to Debbie. Jeremy still has work--he's moderating the new comment system that will be replacing The Fray (although he vehemently denies that any decision about The Fray has been made...)

  14. Wha'tttt you and Jeremy are Pals now? Capitol P Pals!
    How did that happen? You turn around here for one minute and see what happens...ya kiss and could this happen...oh, I forget, that's right you had a few too many drinks and lost your mind, didn't know what you were doing after that gallon of Rye! Ugh. Rye. lol.

    Jeremy, his motus operandi is deny, deny, deny...

    OK I'm going to my room now...for several moments to myself...

  15. Bravo Smag! I wish I had your touch with names.

    Germy is LOVING the new setup. Now he can delete and ban people while clicking ONE less button! Oh the joy! That must have been some trial for him, eh?

  16. Oh, Debbie, Jeremy and I are in no way pals! I've been asking very pointed (but no cursing) questions of him over in Slate Fare about this new system. He's not done so well so far...

  17. Hey Messy! Yepper, I have a feeling that ol' Jeremy is sitting in the catbird seat right about now. And there's not a damned thing we can do about it other than not give him the pleasure, you know? :-) As for names, I'm a minor leaguer compared to your beat down of LW#1, Messy!

  18. from herd"T"hinner (damn you, Google account!!)

    Smagaroni, when I read LW1, all I could think of was, "Oh, Smag will swiss cheese this guy!" You know, tearing lots of new ones? Like Swiss cheese and its holes and --

    Anyway, hopefully he's severely leaking now. I haven't bothered with the new comments section and (with some effort) found the Fray and read that as usual. I was amused by the poster who insisted at length to Prudie that "it's a guy thing," and when will she ever try to see things from a guy's POV, how the wife really *had* done the mostest awfulest thing ever and should be stoned to death, blah blah.

    I have zero experience with relationships, so how *about* the chick's perspective, on the reverse? What if a woman found out that her hubby had done the freaky-leaky with her least favorite sister, etc etc? Would "typical" women get just as freaked out as this guy had, or does it all boil down to him just being what Smag said?

    I often use the names Boobs McChesty and Drunky McStagger's. Neither name is my own creation, dammit! But since I never bother to learn the names of local pubs and bars, I default to calling all of them Drunky McStagger's. Sometimes that's a problem when I agree to meet coworkers at a bar/pub after hours (like when somebody's leaving the co.), and somebody asks me where we're meeting. "Uh --- Drunky McStagger's?"

    LW2: O, what a piece of work is Alcohol! How noble it makes man in reason! How infinite it makes man in faculties!

    (Yes, I know, she's blaming Al Cahall for her indiscretion when it's all on her, but.. ah, screw it, Smallville is starting, so I'm gonna go!)

    LW3: I got nuthin'. Just best wishes for them both to Make It.

    LW4: that kind of work sounds like being salary exempt (long work, no extra pay)! But Charity Charlie's ass still needs to be reported to The Company.

    And then there's JayJay's lovely hypothesis, too, heh heh

  19. Smaggie...I'm humored upon hearing you and Jeremy are actually having a conversation? I must dash over to The Fray to see what's cooking as I'm clueless as to the changes.
    But I've more to add to my thoughts on the Fellow working for free all day and getting paid for a couple hours.

    And I think betrayal is gender free.

    I think it's risky for him to tell the big boss directly about all the free labor and parts dashing out the door so here's my idea. He should contact the local newspaper that writes those stories surrounding companies that help in the community. I imagine the big boss will get the message when he gets that phone call to add to the story about how his company is helping people in need with free parts and labor or reads about the generosity of his management without his consent and name that site manager when you call as the contact person. Isn't it illegal to give away your companies supplies without some written authorization? I think so.

    HerdThinner...I'm thinking there is a huge population that operates with a list of "things I shall never do for my own sanity, happiness" and on that list of mine I have...any man that I have had sex with I shall not date or get drunk and stupid with, his brother, his best friend and that friend of a friend, father, mother, get the idea.
    In my opinion men are like busses...miss one and another will be along within 15 minutes so there is no need to poo in ones own nest....ever. It is how one decides how they wish to walk through this life. Creating less drama is always beneficial.

  20. All you people with your talk of drunky and cheeseburgers make me hungry for a 1/3rd pounder and a boozle.

  21. Hey herd'T'hinner! Sorry to see that your google account is still giving you fits. :-( That said, I'm glad to see you here, even if your moniker is slightly different. ;-) And I like your bar/pub names!

    As for if things would be the same had this been a woman LW, etc., my advice (and feelings of wanting to throttle stupid LWs) is gender neutral. Always. That stands regardless of if the LW had been a gay man, hetero woman, gay woman, bisexual man, bisexual woman, gender reassigned man or woman of either orientation, or, any combination thereof. The way I see love is this: it's love. If you actually love someone, for really reals, nothing they did in their past that you don't know about will, by default, effect that. Nothing. I'm not saying that if you found out that your lover murdered someone that you don't have the right to reassess things, but, protest or not, you're not just going to stop loving them on the spot. If you were actually in love, it's emotionally impossible. I mean, even if they'd been lying about having a deadly STD and had been having unprotected sex with you for years, as incredibly shocked that you might find yourself, you're not going to just turn off your feelings in an instant. Why do you reckon so many families stick my accused murderers, even in teh face of overwhelming evidence. Sure, they eventually come around to "I'm going to support him no matter what, as he's family, but what he did was the most heinous..." But, in the beginning? They are in complete denial, blinded by the person they loved and who they "thought" they were.

    And listen, I'm not saying that there aren't all manner of withheld informations that would warrant considering divorce, but, when the root cause is that "I love my wife with whom I have an incredible relationship and whom I love beyond love, but, I just found out that she slept with my brother several years prior to me ever meeting her and she never told me of this whorish act, so, therefore I find her to be a repulsive slut/whore/dirty piece of used trash", well, I don't have even the slightest bit of sympathy for that, nor do I believe that that person ever respected his spouse any more than, well, some slut/whore/dirty piece of trash.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling... ;-)

  22. Debbie, that's a GREAT idea about the philanthropic news feature! You're a genius!

    Spacey, how about a half pounder each, and we split a fifth of something harsh and warming? My treat! :-)

  23. I just shamelessly quoted myself on The Fray from my response to herd'T'hinner (above). My patience finally wore thin.

  24. And I was so glad to see the post! =-)

  25. Oh, LW1 is scum, all right. I was just pondering over the dude(s?) who posted in the Fray to insist that "it's a guy thing." Hence my wondering aloud if "typical" women would get equally bent out of shape - sibling rivalry knows no gender boundaries - in a similar situation.

    But it's not a "guy thing," after all; it's a thing about a guy who can't love.

    I smell Lifetime network movie!


  26. It's a guy thing? Sheesh.

    I doubt very much if you asked The Penis or The Vagina their interpretation of said events if their opinions would differ. Betrayal, abuse, it about the equipment?

    Tis a rather odd moment. This morning I received a formal invitation from Slate to join them at Facebook....sniff, sniff and all this time I thought they didn't want me...sniff.

    Maybe too little, too late...I do have standards!

    Thank you Smaggie for responding that my Front Page News idea was GREAT...and I do believe I may need to read this over and over again as I did read genius in there! Hmmmm...I like the sound of that.

    Oh and thanks everyone for filling my head with overwhelming thoughts of CheeseBurger's!

    Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, chips, chips, chips!
    Get it???

  27. I went, I saw, I came back from Facebook. Did anyone like this new format? I'm not signed up for Facebook so the format was new for me.

  28. SB1 - I finally gave in and set up my own page here, but I have not yet figured out how to link it! It is called Points for Cross-Examination, and the identifier is oldbaileyhack. I hope it will find its way to join everyone else in time.

    I'd say more, but am still shattered from a dispute in the "I would like to thank" thread. I'm tempted to channel Miss Bates from the Gwyneth Paltro version of *Emma* and say that it has left me speechless, quite speechless - and I have not stopped talking of it since.

  29. Welcome, hrumpole!

    I don't think The Captain will mind me elbowing my way in here to make you at home ~ he rather LIKES my elbows you see...

    To use a rather obvious pun, I am in the same boat as you as far as the linking bit goes. I could not locate your blog to link to and even if I could, I am woefully lame at these sorts of things despite repeated tutorials by Ours Truly.

    Rather than us muddle through this alone, I have sent up a distress signal to my diving buddy to come render aid to us both ~ I'm sure help is on the way as we speak. Soon you will see a link to your blog over in Mermaid's Lagoon ~ should you see fit to grace me with your presence. You may find it to your liking over there, hrumpole, as I do try to see to it that kindness rules the day.

    I understand the little dustup has you reaching for your salts. If I could apply a cool compress to your forehead and rub your temples until the pain subsided, I surely would, hrumpole.

  30. Hey herd'T'hinner. :-) I think this, "But it's not a 'guy thing,' after all; it's a thing about a guy who can't love" nails it. :-) Like, in one fell swoop. :-)

  31. Hey Debbie! I dig the new FB format. And, yes, I got the cheesburger reference! That was back when I really enjoyed SNL--although, I've started to again recently, after many, many years of skipping it.

    As for asking a Vagina or Penis its interpretations of these events, I'm all for asking any vaginas that will listen! I'm just friendly that way! Part of my polite Southern upbringing, I guess. :-P I'm all for asking penises, too, because, you gotta admit, a talking penis would be pretty cool, too, but, given a choice, I'm holding out for the talking vagina. Know one?

  32. hrumpole! Welcome! I will head to your blog immediately as well as link to it. I haven't read the stressful thread of which you speak, so, please forgive my ignorance, but, even without reading it, I'm already certain that you held you own quite magnificently.

  33. Oh, MM, I do so love your kind and gentle disposition. For those interested, the URL to hrumpole's blog is: Please round up the sea creatures and sound the welcome horn!

    As for placing links on your blog to other blogs, hrumpole and MM, I will write up a brief description on how to do it and I'd be happy to send it to you both. MM already has my e-mail, and, hrumpole, should you desire the description, please post your e-mail here, or, if you'd rather, simply write me at smagboy1 at gmail dot com (I spell it out that way to discourage spam, though I'm not sure if that works or not) and I'll send it right away (well, once I get it written).


  34. Many thanks to SB1 and the Mermaid. It appears that some people have found me, and I shall get the Linking business down in time.

  35. Hey there pipples, just trying a test here to see if this #$%$#%^%* will finally let me join the discussion! If so, I'll bee baach.....

  36. Wow, whatta ya know? The V-Lady is now back, reincarnated as Lillany, and soooo happy to be back in touch with all my FFFs (Friends From Fray). 'Tain't the same over there, y'know.

  37. Hey there, Victory!/Lillany! Good to see you over there. We're trying to provide somewhat of a home away from home for the FFFs. Here's hoping.

    Welcome! :-) Be sure to come 'round every Thursday, too, for more goodies. :-)